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The Fletcher's Cottage Spa Packages are all about treating yourself, you just need to turn up, relax and let our expertly trained team take care of the rest. Step into a world of luxury, soothing your body and soul.


We only work with a small number of specially chosen luxury brands which share our philosophy of basing exceptional body and facial treatments at the heart of our holistic approach.

Gong Relaxation Workshop

The evening begins with tea to take a moment for yourself. Then come find your cozy space with Jo, ready lined with fresh towels, faux rug, blanket; everything ready.

Jo McCoy is an experienced sound practitioner, kundalini yoga teacher and therapist. Jo will guide you through a beautiful evening of breathwork, gentle movement to warm up the spine, journaling to review the time past, creating perfect conditions for release. Then settling into a yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep” relaxation and visualisation taking you deeper; preparing you to be deeply relaxed as you enter into a deep sound bath with multiple gongs.

Having a gong bath deeply rests the body and clears the mind. The combination of the mind stopping thinking so much and the body resting can bring about healing on many levels. The body-mind system seems to prioritise what each person needs.

Gently bringing you round we will explore filling the space created with now crystal clear intentions, sealed in with a powerful meditation to close.

Heart opening raw cacao and pure essential oils (for relaxation, tranquility, vision and clarity) will enhance the evening.

Health Precautions The gong relaxation is not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with a condition that may be triggered by sound. Those with heart conditions should speak with their medical professional before attending. Pacemakers are not suitable for a gong relaxation. Hearing aids must be taken out. Those sensitive to sound may wish to be further away from the gongs and may request no sound is directed close to you during the session. Sound baths can support emotional release. All clients will be well informed of the process at the event beforehand and a safe space created to explore and process any emotions, thoughts & feelings. Raw cacao can be contraindicated with some heart conditions and some antidepressants. Herbal tea will also be available.